HIARCS Championship Chess for Palm

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The strongest and best featured chess software ever for PalmOS based devices offering extensive features and playing levels for players of all strengths from beginner to strong Grandmaster.

Based on a World Chess Software Champion, HIARCS Palm Chess offers the premier chess engine to learn from, analyse with or simply play against. Clearly the strongest PDA chess program ever. Great features for beginners to help learn and improve their game including weaker levels tailored for realistic opposition and rapid learning, a coach and a rating system to measure and report progress. In fact Palm Chess HIARCS makes a perfect travel companion for players of all strengths and all ages.

HIARCS Palm Chess provides the following features: Strongest ever chess engine (68K & ARM native) on a PDA: Suitable for all chess players from 750 Elo (beginner) to 2650 Elo (Strong Grandmaster).

World renowned chess program as used by Gary Kasparov and Vishy Anand – the Worlds number 1 and 2 chess players – Human like playing style and levels to give configurable opponents of all chess strengths – Special chess Coach to show you how the pieces move, provide hints, and watch over your play and warn of mistakes Customizable playing and search styles through the engine room – even see HIARCS thinking!

Infinite levels of play and timecontrols to offer a challenge for any player including 10 realistic beginner opponents: Beginner through to Challenger and Set Elo levels – Huge choice of free add on opening books and styles for opening study and learning -  Load, Save, Delete games in database, import/export PGN games to deskto.

Palm HIARCS is the first ever and only Palm chess program to defeat a Grandmaster in match play! No other PDA chess program comes close to the playing experience you will get with Palm HIARCS.

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